Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Daydreaming Chasing.

One day, I'll have a Villa in Tuscany, something like the Italian version of Vicki Archer's life.
I've got a grand vision for a Great Room,
painted green,
with unfinished wood floors,
Italian-yard-sale-like treasures all around,
stacks and stacks of books,
an incongruent chandelier,
3-too-many comfortable throw pillows, a record player,
pieces of old barn wood repurposed into a mantlepiece, lined with old dusty bottles
(the homes of poppies
or sunflowers,
depending on what's blooming), and my grandmother's candlesticks, at least 2 mutts of questionable parentage but loving disposition,
and a sassy but still affectionate black cat... named Minerva.
photos: Balcony- BacaraatChristmas, The Window to Tuscany (2) by Klaus S., Untitled by Annie Lee, brilliant green room and dress by Corinne Day Photography, Untitled by Heidi from flickr, pink dress on brown wood from Just Like A Star by David Seidner, Green Foyer - Habitually Chic, Tory Birch at Home, woman on a chair in front of bookshelves from vi.sualize.us, Old Books from vi.sualize.us, chandelier room from weheartit.com, Record Player Picnic from fungusamungus22 on Xanga, Glass Bottles: Remove Labels Glass Bottles Jars from vi.sualize.us, Poppies- Morgens um 7 ist die Welt noch in Ornung...von Armin Keller, Sunflowers from vi.sualize.us, Pup- mixed breed dog phogographic print from vi.sualize.us, Deep Dark Eyed Cat, Books and stairs from doubletakesblog.com

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