Monday, June 27, 2011

Somewhere Between Yesterday and Tomorrow.

I'm in need of some wheels.
I seem to nestle right down into that shadowy place somewhere between yesterday and tomorrow. Behind me lie 10 months of living in New England, volunteering with tiny enthusiastic little people. Before me is some glistening hazy landscape with a million sparkling paths, each begging to be chosen over the others.
And here I am in the in between, waiting for a direction in which to fly.
I've been remiss to Gloriosity for two months of frantic wrapping-up-a-chapter-of-life.
I've been missing out on the gloriousness.
But it's time to get back to all things lovely.
Like fabulous red dresses.
And inspired masterpieces.
High Fashion.
And high heels.
Books for the old.
And books for the new.
Paris when it's pink.
Dresses made of dreams.

Let's make a promise.
I'll come up with a coherent posting.
And you keep finding glorious things in life.