Thursday, February 25, 2010


as inspired by Sunshine #1

It's snowing outside, but no matter. The sun is shining in my heart.
(oh, was that horribly cheesy?)

Here's my day's revelation:
Sometimes, life (like these flowers) is all closed up, lovely but unassailable.
But sometimes, if you give it time, it opens.

And suddenly there are possibilities. Not promises, mind you, but possibilities.
And when there are possibilities, it's like the sun is shining in your heart.

This life is light,
Its light burns bright
So we'll take it day by day, and let it be

And everyone will see, how good it feels
Oh they'll see the world for all that it could be

Oh, let the sunshine in
I wanna feel it from within
You spin me around and make me feel like I could shine

Thank you to Sparkles and Crumbs for finding Rosi Golan. She's nothing short of marvelous.

photos: LCTGloriosityFlowersColoradoFebruary2010

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  1. Comparing life to unopened roses: what a lovely analogy.