Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Reclamation of Valentine's Day: Part 3

So. Acknowledging that Valentinian festivities are an ever-evolving amalgam of tradition and objective, here's my thought:
Let's use the day to celebrate the things we love.

Like Secret Gardens on Sunny Days,
And the sound of poliphony bouncing off the marble and wood of a church.
Like philosophy, and wit.
Like songs that make you hear stars and look to the heavens.
Like well-timed solitude,
and 99 red balloons (preferably sung, loud, with many friends).
Like things of beauty; joys forever,
and tulle, in any way, shape, or form.
Like frolicking in green fields,
or lounging in green glory.
and carnival tricks.
Like happy accidents,
and letting your hair down.

What do you love?

Tami by, St. Thomas of Villanova Chapel, quote image from Danilo Corci, musical staff stars from tumblr, miss you ps from, red balloons from MadCap1, happy, happy! by Traci French, tulle/tree from (floatingintheblue), DSC_0136 Nick Bartoletti, Green Room from Vogue photo shoot by Corine Day at, On the Radio by ~irr at flickr, Annie Leibovitz photo, 500px by Evelinnn, 3 years by ~D4D1 on deviantART

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