Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I adore this Rodney Smith photo. It makes me want to throw on a ballgown and crawl barefoot on the roof and just see what there is to see. It also reminds me of a Rothko painting because, at least on the right half of the image, the sky and the roof almost seem on the same plane. If you have a little time to kill, or are looking for an exercise in surrealizations, avail yourself of Rodney Smith. I wish I had enough cash to splurge on his book, but alas. One must be frugal.

I'm feeling a little restless. A little all dressed up...and stranded on the rooftop. I guess this is not surprising, considering I voluntarily and spontaneously uprooted myself not a month ago. And now all that fidgety energy is bouncing off the walls of my soul, caterwauling for some constructive productivity. Whatever could be lying over that horizon?

Photo: Rodney Smith portfolio image, from the inimitable collection of Mr. Smith, found at

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