Monday, October 12, 2009

Let it...


We hiked the Royal Arches Trail in Chatauqua during the snowfall and I snapped some shots of October's Winter Wonderland.
The view from the trail head. You can't see our final destination.
It's lost in the mist.
Snow frosting pines and rocks.
Confused deciduous trees, under the impression that it's still fall.
It looks something like Nature imitating Jackson Pollock...
Evergreen vs. Deciduous, with Jack Frost as mediator.
Sheltering Pines.
Snowy Flatirons.
Rock formations and icicles.
No campfires for frigid fingers.
Lichen and Snow.
The Royal Arch,
And a tenacious pine.
The view off the mountain top was something like looking into a glass of milk. I felt like Coraline, at the end of Other Mother's world.

photos: LCT Boulder 2009

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