Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's So Easy Being Green.

My cousin leant me the use of her old Schwinn 3-speed to tool around Boulder until I can amass enough green to buy a bike of my own. For right now, this classic beauty is all the green I need. The nice man at University Bikes (he had a wedding ring, mom. i checked.) told me not to ride her down any hills, not to go fast, and not to brake hard, because she's got no rear brake. Calling to mind my father's Mazda from the late 80's, it occurs to me that my family likes to live on the edge by using deathtraps as regular modes of transportation...
I've named her Elphaba, because she's unpredictable, she's got character, and she rides like the wind. And she's green.
"And since folks here, to an absurd degree, seem fixated on... verdigree," she suits me just fine.

photo: LCT Boulder 2009

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