Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Craving Constructive Function or: How Seeking Gainful Employment Can Inspire an Homage to Gay Paris

5 months ago, I thought Summer Break was a thing of the past, to be relished by school children and educators.
3 months ago, I reveled in my impromptu Summer Break and the feeling of weightlessness that accompanied the gigantic blank space (with a Flatiron backdrop) that constituted my future.
Today, I am antsy.
I'm itching for employment, for a chance to dive into a project, to embrace a new corporate mentality, to WORK. I'm a naturally productive person and I thrive in environments of even the most rudimentary structure. And I detest spinning my wheels.

So today, with my noble white steed (read: mac), I ventured once more into the cyber world of job availability, to flaunt my assets and issue thinly veiled pleas for gainful employment. One thing led to another and I was inspired by one particular Denver advertising agency to take a brief flight of fancy over many miles of land and sea. Because, you see, once you begin to think about all the gorgeous imagery of Parisian origin, and, particularly, the movies and photographers that make it so accessible to day-dreaming Americans, it's hard to resist the urge to cull some visual stimulation.

And thus, I give you my side-track for the day; an ode to Audrey Hepburn and Audrey Tautou, to Annie Leibovitz and Richard Avedon, to Leslie Caron, to the lesser known artistry of Rodney Smith and Enid Robbie and my new favorite Kent Miles, in admiration of the wonderful things that an accent on the é can do.
Bonjour, Paris.
photo from the whimsical Sparkles and Crumbs (go visit!).
Don't you want to be here?
I have yet to see an example of when Annie Leibovitz and a fisheye lens can't make magic.
A new discovery: Kent Miles.
The man has an eye for black and white art.
The inimitable Richard Avedon, the great initiator of art/fashion photogrophy.
Another image from Sparkles and Crumbs.
Please take me here.
A view of paris, indeed.
A still from Amelie. Cinematography to inspire.
Kent Miles catches a cleric descending the Montmartre stairs.
Leslie Caron, fairy princess for all Americans in Paris.
Enid Robbie's watercolor of Notre Dame, an intuitive gradation of color and detail. Close your eyes and listen to the bells and send a hello to Quasi Modo.
Avedon catching the Moulin Rouge in Black and White.
Rodney Smith making me wish I could print off his work in life-size format.
Oh, Audrey. Oh, Givenchy. Oh, Nike.
Enough daydreaming. Time to take a note from Avedon's model and skip away. Now, where did I put my umbrella?

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