Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Paint it Red.

So. Let's talk Red.
I went out on the town the other night and took with me some red, red, red lipstick.
And red makes everything better.
Be it on your walls,
on your lips,
or on your frock,
red can make ordinary simply extraordinary.
And it makes you feel fabulous, too.
My challenge to you? Wear red somehow, someway, every day for a week. See if you don't double your fabulosity.
photos: Marilyn Monroe, red painted lips from loveyourchais.tumblr, Gossip Girl spot from sirendoll.tumblr, Pia's Red Rose by ilina s on flickr, Just another shy princess by ~Enaaa on deviantART, Untitled by CrunchyLashes on flickr, zucch3rino.deviantart, Sex in the City image, Red Dress from lesmads.de, Little Red Riding Hood image by Rocio Montoya, your heart is an empty room by ~Danuva at deviantART, Marilyn Monroe

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