Monday, May 3, 2010


I feel like the clock is ticking on my life. And despite my in-depth knowledge of all types of fairy tales, mythologies, and fables, I haven't a clue as to what will or will not happen at midnight, or what I should or should not be doing to prevent/prepare for the unknown eventuality.
I do see a million different futures, some a little similar, some utterly different, and all just lying on the ground waiting to be chosen.
I'm also afraid that if I hang out too long thinking about things, I may end up collecting cats, clothes, and decor, for lack of a life.
A little lost, a little wonder-y, a little wander-y. A whole lot of (??). And not a lot of (.).
So. What'll it be? Where am I going? What's my horizon? Where's my star?
photos: clocktower: orkut- myorkut from, mirrors by Cari Ann Wayman, cat photo from Dust Jacket Attic (lovelovelove), forest pic from 500px by perhydrol, cityscape from 500px by Liq.

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