Monday, May 17, 2010


You know those days when you're in up to your knees with stuff to do, and getting through it is like wading in the water?
Or those days when things are getting a little desperate and you're in up to your neck?
And then there's days when you're just underwater altogether.
Well, today actually feels a little more like I'm under this:
I'll be back in action in a few days... with a REAL blog update.
photos: Heavy Water by Nishe from flickr, Ohyoumakemesmile from, Vintage Underwater Photography from the blog archive at wazzzat?!, Ghost Town buried in Sand by Fogonazos/Kolmans, Vintage comic book cover from Google Images


  1. Oh my word! First of all, BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD!! She is one of my mum's favourite actresses in SHyamalan's movies... that's so exciting for you! As for your current 'Jasmine stuck in Jafar's evil hourglass' feeling, I hope it passes lovely :) xx