Monday, March 8, 2010

Meryl's Party

I love the Oscars.
I remember watching them last year, while America was still getting situated in its new Recessionary frock, and hearing the arguments that the pomp and circumstance was out of place and inappropriate.
No darlings. Celebrating the Silver Screen is never inappropriate. Sometimes I don't want to think about how I'm unemployed and keep hearing, "gee, you're really qualified, but no, we don't have a job for you." And that's when I turn to Audrey, and Bogey, and Fred, and Meryl. Hollywood is full of people with opinions (see: Obama Campaign Support) who are awesomely talented (see: Casablanca) and who can sweep us away to magical, real, inspiring places (see: 2010 Best Picture Nominations). And I love them for it.
I love the movies.

This year, for the first year, I was surrounded by non-movie buffs. I'm used to watching the Oscars with friends who know the life-accomplishments of the actors, who understand the ins and outs of finding a plumb-line, of performing on stage, of captivating an audience, of feeling a role. Instead, 2010 found me gaping at the glitter with the types of people who can conquer an un-rated heli-ski drop, but don't know who Staney Tucci is, or Hattie McDaniel, or that Anna Kendrick was a marvelously sassy pre-teen in Camp. For the first time ever, I was the Movie-Trivia girl, who knew the when and the wherefore of the marvelous Silver Screen.
And so they didn't understand how Sandra Bullock's performance in The Blind Side was a revelation. But I knew. And I'm so glad she won.
And her speech was marvelous, and heartfelt, and gracious. Her immediate recognition of her peers was marvelous. Her dedication to Mothers was also so perfect. And she looked like a 40's movie starlet.

But everyone who knows, knows that the Academy Awards are really just Meryl's Party.
Each year, she arrives, looking stunning and refined, and, I'm sure, somehow knowing what the evening's outcome will be. She is an unparalleled performer, as evinced by her nomination tally. And I think she's fabulous. It may be about time for a Meryl movie marathon...

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