Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Leap and the Net Will Appear.

Okay. 6 months after I leapt in a decidedly westward direction. Still no net. But no broken bones, either.

I attended a fantastic dinner party last night. As the snow fell down to coat the rain-sodden ground, I stood in a kitchen snapping green beans with three of the most charming people I've met in Boulder. They're honest, educated, kind, and witty, and that's a rare combination in this world. We worked through 3 Julia Child recipes and 2 bottles of wine, and ate until Midnight. At which point, the hushed outside world was blanketed in a foot of soppy snow, and the boughs hung low under the weight of the ages. It was magical.

The question of the evening was this: Do you believe in some overarching power that orchestrates our lives? Whether you call it God, or Serendipity, or Fate, or you just maintain that the power of the human consciousness far outreaches what we learn in science class. The answers ranged the gamut, but no one said "no." Different upbringings, belief systems, and life experiences colored the answers.

So what do you believe? When you leap, what, or who, puts the net in place?
photos: untitled by Crystal from flickr, Little Prince Graffiti.

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