Friday, January 11, 2013

We're All Stargazers.

Last Sunday was Epiphany.

December's half of Christmas was all about the miracle of Christ's birth and the humility of a Child born in a stable and the awe and disbelief of shepherds gathered around a shining bundle of Joy, Joy enough to fill the whole earth.
But I love Epiphany, because it's when the wise men show up.  Kings of the Orient.  Esteemed magi who studied and thought and taught.  It is when these three kings arrive in Bethlehem that humankind's Epiphany happened - the realization that this is a miracle, unlike any ever conceived before; here is our God come to earth for man (and by woman!).  And what a realization that is.
But enough theological posturing.
What gets me every time is: The Star.

Star of wonder, and star of might, and star of royal beauty bright.
We're all Stargazers.  We're always looking toward the bright and the joyful.  We're looking for things that will light up our lives.  We're dedicating our lives to following those things.  But isn't it all too easy to set our sights on the stars that shine bright but burn out fast, or the stars that are in the fashionable part of the sky, or the stars the move quickly and disappear behind the clouds forever?
The trick is to find the start that shines brightest for you.  The star that fills you up with light, so that you, too, shine for others.  The star that lights your way, and lets you light the way for others.  The best Stargazing is about finding your Joy.
So when was the last time you did something that made you feel truly wonderful?  Was it writing or singing or teaching?  Was it healing or helping or creating?  Was it learning or sharing or leading or supporting?  Was it just loving?
Think of all the stars in your life, and then think of the one that makes you burn brightest.  
Have you thought of it yet?  

Good.  Now don't let it out of your sight.

Did you know that Twelfth Night is Epiphany, and that Shakespeare wrote Twelfth Night as a celebration of this day?  That it's an entire holiday dedicated to embracing the joy and merriment of Christmas, enjoying every last drop of Christmasness, before the season ends?
Next year: Twelfth Night party.  For sure!

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