Sunday, January 13, 2013

Speaking of Music...

There is some auditory GOLD that has been hitting the airwaves so far this year.  I hardly know where to begin, but my 2013 discoveries are stacking up.  Want to know what's on the playlist so far?
Of course you do.

Let's start with a bit of an anthem.  This one has definitely made the soundtrack of my life.  I can think of several applicable moments for it.  It's Only the Brave by The Last Royals.  Great anthem.  Great.  Makes me want to dance and fall in love just because.

Did you like it?  Because here's another mover-and-shaker.  It's Youngblood Hawke's Stars (Hold On).  A little atmospheric west coast feel-good music.

 We've all got the sun to follow.  Hold on, hold on, the stars are bound to change; hold on, hold on, wait for another day; hold on, hold on, the future's not that far away....

And now, one to grow on.  Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood.  It's just a bit mellower, but very catchy.  The lyrics paint pictures.
It'll grow on you...especially that chorus.
And that is all for now!
I can't give away all the gold at once.  You'll have to come back for more.
Happy listening!

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  1. Oh hooray - I've missed my Chesley musings!! These are GLORIOUS, as ever. I ADORE your 'Only the Brave' anthem [downloading now], and your post on Epiphany has really inspired me, as you never fail to do. Your words always create such beautiful imagery. Happy February, my Golightly-ish heroine!!