Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Paris @ Midnight

Have you ever seen Paris at Midnight?
You should.

I am an Italophile, through and through. But like all good Europeans in pursuit of personal fulfillment and an enviable cache of life experiences, occasionally I dally on the side.
After seeing Woody Allen's latest film last night, I'm pretty sure Paris would make an ideal mistress. She's always dressed perfectly for any occasion, and she has plenty of secrets and stories and grace.
I've never been to France at all. I may just have to find a way.

Paris at Midnight. The film is the improbable combination of the fairy tale The Twelve Dancing Princesses and Woody Allen's inimitable comedic style.
It's every romantic's dream, combining multiple memorable Parisian epochs to weave quite a story.
Add to this the delight of not only seeing actors and actresses pop up on screen that spur the thought, "Oh I love her!" "Oh I love him!",
and oohing over the inspired costume design (fashionistas beware; you'll be aching to accent your wardrobe with 20's-inspired items), but the characters themselves make up an echelon of the cultural icons who challenged the mores of society and created cultural milestones, markers, and entire classifications of art. You'll come home and pull out all your school books, desperate to begin reading and learning and reacquainting yourself with these greats.
And until you can feed the hungry intellectual giant that no doubt broods inside your skulls, you can just ooh and ah over the costumes and sceneries, and giggle over Allenisms given renewed vitality by contemporary actors.
And you'll probably find yourself making plans, like I did, to somehow, some way, go dancing in Paris.

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  1. Yes, you would *love* Paris at any time of day, that I'm sure. Find a way to make it happen!

    (Note: I went with a female friend, and we both lamented that we had not made the trip with a good looking guy, because the evening romance of Paris was somewhat wasted on a gal-pal. :) )