Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back in White.

Summer is here, and the air hangs thick in Atlanta.
What better way to fool yourself into thinking you've dressed "lightly" than to frock up in glorious WHITE?
It's classic, it's crisp, it can be whimsical or stunning.
So take a cue from Anthropologie's new sister company, BHLDN, and Tom Sawyer himself. It's time to wash yourself white.
Go classic with Chanel, (no one beats this piping)
Or modern with Gucci.
Beach bound? Channel some Grace. Grace Kelly, of course!
While we're speaking of Princesses, we can't forget Kate!
This dress was princess perfect; what a Royal day.
If you're looking for regal, look no further than Carolina Herrera's signature shirt.
Be a little clandestine and grab a glorious hat, like Jean Shrimpton.
Or Transform yourself.... Okay. I'm embarrassed to admit that this post was inspired by Transformers 3. But Rosie Huntington-Whitely looked phenomenal in her white wardrobe. A white blazer with jeans and stilettos. (Were we supposed to believe those gorgeous black stilettos remained intact and on her feet during all that running and jumping and sliding down buildings? I'll buy the giant transforming evil-beating mechanically intelligent vehicles. But super-stilettos?
I don't think so.)
Or this gorgeous white dress.
Back on the runway- the detailing on this frock is art,
Much like Rodney Smith's brilliant black and white images.
White gloved art.
And Audrey, white gloved loveliness.
So take a crisp white page from some of these gals and put on your best white today. You'll feel cool, fresh, and chic.
Just don't forget your lipstick!

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  1. Ah, Ms Middleton...! :) I love little white dresses - my latest favourite is a draping DKNY one I got super cheap in a sale, it makes me feel like a Grecian goddess!! ^^ I'm glad for you that you're settled back at home, taking a rest and figuring out your next move in your grand plan that is soon to come!! :) Can't wait for more regular posts!! xx