Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Time For Some Pretty...

It's been awhile since I've posted some aimless, thesis-less, pointless pretty.
Let's get down to business...
Pretty business.
Let's begin:

Tulle and pearls and inky eyes. Lovely.
Fuzzy Wuzzy wuzza Bunny... adorable.
BONJOUR, PARIS! Let's go dancing down the avenue.
White Contemplation...
Chapeau, frock, and feet!
Black White and So Pretty.
I don't know what I love most... the dress, the wallpaper, or the pillows...
Evan Rachel Wood as the Queen of Louisiana... Someone find me a creme suit and pearls!
There are no words.
A killer quote from the Killers, and a stellar plan of action.
It's not easy being green...
And a little memory of my climb of some 14ers in Colorado
Cup of tea and a reverie...
Gorgeous. And she looks like my mother.
50's rendezvous, whispering sweet nothings...
A roll in the wheat with some fabulous shoes.
Green Goddess on the Red Carpet.
Hold me tight, lover mine.
All on a golden afternoon....

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