Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Do You Even LIKE Children?"

It was a good question, when posed.
I had just found out that I was going to be posted in a grade school for my Volunteer Year. Probably in the Pre-K classes.
The last time I hung out with pre-schoolers was when I was a pre-schooler.
Flash forward. And I'm assisting in Pre-K 2 with 18 precious 4- and 5-year-olds.
And they are nothing short of hilarious.
Eddie had to learn that the urinal was not, in fact, a conveniently placed little-boy-sized sink.
Greg learned how to write his name... which was a big deal because his twin sister has been writing her name for a few months.
I discovered that Ava, despite her totally-in-my-own-world-ness, is actually the brightest 4-year-old I have ever met... and I want her clothes. Seriously. They're adorable.
Adrianna has an uncanny sense of music, and is always concerned when others are breaking the rules but adorably ignorant to her own infractions.
They're all amazing in their own way.
Still, there are the sad tales, too. Yaviel was bright and kind and always willing to share or play with other kids. But because Lawrence is one of the poorest towns in Massachusetts, it's not all that surprising when a child disappears from school because his parents can't afford $200/mo. minus financial aid for tuition.
But overseeing the socialization and education of what seems like millions of tiny little humans is wildly fun. The amount of love they just want to give is miraculous. You think, "gee...everyone in the world was this loving once. What happens when we grow up that changes us so much?"
Love. Hold onto the Love. Find it where it burrows away inside yourself, pull it out, and give it away. It will always come back to you, tenfold.

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