Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trafficking Yourself.

The wonderful world of job-searching requires an oxymoronic cultivation of hubris and humility. As a prospective employee, you must be charming. As a 20-something, you must not be too charming (you must show you have room to grow and are not an upstart). As a creative person, you must think outside the box. As a creative person looking to pay the landlord and Safeway, you must be able to communicate with people who are well and truly inside the box. (Don't be a box-hater, be a box-re-communicator). Most of all, despite the fact that you have no idea what you should be "doing with your life," you must show a willingness to jump in with two feet, both hands, and the family dog right into the deep end of the adult pool...without looking too eager.
Meanwhile, inside your carefully cultivated multi-faceted demeanor, you have clenched hands, raised face, and a giant nebulous ball of hope that pulsates in your heart. And you feel like this:

And after each day of the seemingly endless "not right now"s and "maybe"s and "you were one of 2o phone calls I made out of 107 applicants for a job that was posted for about a week... so... that's a good consolation prize"s, you turn to the private things you know and you love (for me: art history, liturgical history, and the immensity of Beauty that extends so far outside of Kant's grasp... which I share with a handful of people who are, unfortunately, a few thousand miles away), and you fervently and fiercely channel Kurt Vonnegut.
photos: hedge maze by bob morrow from flickr, independent ... free - the last in a period, bunny from, kurt vonnegut quote.

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