Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Royal Gold.

I've rediscovered one of my favorite movies.
What heightens the distinction of a film with both Katherine Hepburn and Peter O'Toole is a laugh-out-loud script that consists of non-stop banter and repartee. And Kat delivers so many of Goldman's lines with that dry humor that is irresistible. No wonder she took home the Oscar.
What's more, as you find yourself watching and judging the cut-throat, vicious, greedy family members (and the undeniable but indescribable affection between Eleanor and Henry), you can't help but realize the parallels between the battle for political power in the Middle Ages, and the battle for political power now: cause, effect, and what's at stake. Just watch:

And Kat delivers it like a distressed queen and disappointed mother. Brilliant.

Sure, the historical accuracy is a little off, but one can't deny that Eleanor of Aquitaine was high queen of the High Middle Ages.
I remember writing a book report on her in the 3rd grade, long before I ever realized what a phenom such a woman in such a time would actually be. Queen, Crusader, Patroness, Mother, and Lover of a man 11 years her junior. No wonder she ended up on the Silver Screen.

"Hush dear. Mummy's fighting."

Seen any good classics lately?

photos: Lion in Winter publicity sketch, Katherine Hepburn image from tribuneindiana.com, Eleanor of Aquitaine painting by KYCraft.

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