Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This is Ladies' Night

What a long weekend! Celebrating my cousin Liz's bachelorette with her nearest and dearest was full of frenzy and fun! Never one to sit and let life pass her by, Liz's dream bachelorette weekend consisted of dancing, partying, and plenty of the great outdoors. But most of all, it was full of
After a night on the town in Vail (where we used our feminine wiles to end up on stage at what seemed like a multi-generational frat party, but what the girls assured me was a normal weekend in a ski town) we rallied on Saturday to conquer the snows. Some hit the slopes, some hit the tracks, and some hit the trails. Including Dixie.
(general note: the aspens in Vail were more upright than the men.
At least this weekend.)
Hiking segued into frantic preparation. Aspen awaited us!
Arriving in Aspen, we found, to our delight, that the "Sequins Weekend" memo had preceded us. Fireworks greeted us.
As a precursor to the evening, the most fantastic fireworks display (as seen from directly outside a magnificent log-cabin-slash-mansion) set the tone.
The sun was down, the sequins were on, and the girls went out. We took the party to The Regal and danced, danced, danced.
Needless to say, the morning after required several stops for sustenance and caffeine...
I found Simba and Mufasa patiently waiting until I can afford to post them outside my apartment.
And Dior put my next purchase in the window. The plan is to somehow acquire this snowsuit, pick my mark on the Aspen mountains, "accidently" careen into a rugged-and-yet-dashing older gentleman (of which Aspen seems to have an ample supply) and commence my life as the kind of girl who can shop in Aspen, instead of the kind of girl who thinks she's tumbled Alice-in-Wonderland-like into the pages of Harper's Bazaar.
The weekend in picture form. Lots of sparkle, and lots of love.
After Aspen, the dregs of the group headed for Avalanche Ranch outside Carbondale. The light on the peaks was lovely.
And breakfast the next morning was naturally delicious.
And rather lovely.
The Ranch supplied countless photo ops, from the rustic interiors,
to the rustic exteriors, and of course, the friendly Golden pup.

Thank you for breakfast, and for my wake-up call.
Farewell, weekend getaway. Farewell, delightful ladies. See you all in July for what is sure to be a glorious, glorious wedding.

Photos: All photos LCTGloriosity


  1. Beautiful pictures, Chesley. Looks like a fantastic weekend. I am going to Aspen in three weeks and I can NOT wait. I bought all of my gear this weekend and that experience alone will be the subject of an upcoming blog post.

  2. Hey cutie girl! What a great weekend. So good to get to hang with you. Did you post more pictures to this blog and I don't know how to work this thing? Would love to see what my insanely talented cousin captured. Also, how can I read your articles?