Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Because You Can't Be Audrey...

I've come to a conclusion.
You can't be Audrey.
She was simply too lovely, too charming, too kind, too extraordinary.
You can't emulate her. It can't be done.
(it's not a bad idea to try, though, and maybe succeed in a few small ways.)

So, despite an admitted fascination with Ms. Hepburn, I try to be like Kay.
She, too, was tall, blonde, and skinny. She could crow or croon and she could be loud. She was chic and witty and always into something, like her little girl creation, Eloise.
And she, too, knew how to be lovely:

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  1. Ches, I just stumbled upon your blog (beautiful), and I have to say, if we can't be like Audrey, what's the point of living? Whenever I'm faced with a difficult decision, I put on my skinny black pants and ballet flats and ask, "WWAD?"