Monday, September 14, 2009

Step One: Get across all of PA, pretend Ohio doesn't exist, and thank the gods for 70mph limits in Indiana.

Phew. Well, the drive from Philadelphia to Lafayette was supposed to be 11.5 hours, but I slated in a little detour which added an extra 45 minutes to the trip. And it was so worth it...
It was the kind of early fall day that thinks it's still summer - the air still holds the warmth of promise, and the flowers and foliage do their best to make a good turn out.
When the Pennsylvania Highway Panorama started to become so humdrum that my eyelids were threatened, I turned off of 76 and made for the countryside. It was gorgeous. I finally got to see FLW's Falling Water house (though it is verboten to post any of those pictures...). But finding my way back to the highway, long about the time my GPS shot me up a 13% grade on a gravel road, afforded a beautiful glimpse into a different life. Take a look:

Some Tar-Heel-Fan Flora.

Grandmother Willow's mountain-bred baby sister.

Yes. This is a shot taken with one hand holding the camera out the window, while the other clutched at the steering wheel. You can catch my sweatered forearm in the mirror.
I love a good "what's over the horizon?" photo.
and what is it about old fence posts that is so pastoral and picturesque?

Capturing Cloud Shadows, this time.

This picture was clicked at 40mph out the window.
Viewfinders are for sissies. Just point and shoot.
Another drive-by-clicking.
(ever noticed how dilapidated buildings are romantic...
as long as it's not your responsibility to raze them or fix them?)

These sheep may safely graze...

My favorite! This horsey gentleman was hanging out at this great old house.
I screeched to a halt to grab these shots...
And Senor Caballo was not the least bit interested in his countryside paparazzi. Here he is swishing his tail nonchalantly and pretending that I don't exist...

What a grand day! Maybe tomorrow I can grab some of the lovely Indianascapes...

Photos: LCT PA September 2009.

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  1. These photos are WONDERFUL, Chesley! MY favorite is the one two above the sheep.

    Glad you got off the Interstate. Easier to breath.

    Have fun and learn lots. Love, Bonnie (L. Stenson)