Saturday, September 26, 2009

Step Four: Make for Home like a Bandit.

On Day Four, the sun rose before I could hit the road. (ok. I was busy watching Wednesday night's episode of Glee on my computer.) 7ish hours to go, with broad swathes of Nebraska ahead of me. Exits come only once every 15 miles, and they don't really resemble "exits" at all. The terrain finally flattened out, though I paralleled the river basin so the trees were abundant. As were the wheat and corn.
Nebraska's speed limit is largely 75mph.
Also, everyone travels 80mph in Nebraska.
Also, there are no troopers in Nebraska. Not until you hit the Colorado border, and then they were all on the other side of the highway divide.
Colorado mimics Nebraska for miles, and then before you know it, you're rolling with the landscape, like it's rousing itself after all those miles of being flat. And all of a sudden, the earth stretches and rises high.
More church-snapping out the window.
You get to see so many of these when you drive across the country, they almost seem like little creatures who roll about and cluster with their friends, or sag into the ground, or just stare at you while you drive past.
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bale-Rockettes of Nebraska.
Destination: Rocky Mountains.

Photos: LCT, Nebraska and Colorado, 2009.

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