Thursday, August 11, 2011

Today is Just Another Day to Be Fabulous.

I'll admit it. I would benefit from a stockpile of positivity, particularly during the current job-search period. But let's be serious. THE WHOLE WORLD would benefit from a stockpile of positivity.
So let's do this.
Close your eyes. Think of something that makes you feel really, shamelessly, brilliantly, incandescently wonderful.
I don't care what it is... a new sweater, hot chocolate on a snowy day, Schuyler Fisk singing with Harper Blynn, an old-fashioned movie, that moment when you and a friend think the exact same thing at the exact same time, finding a penny head's up, running through a sprinkler, winking at a stranger from across the bar, wearing red lipstick...
There's a lot of strife in the world. There's too much misdirected energy, misdirected hostility, senseless inconsideration, lack of communication.
So come on, kids. Think happy thoughts. Think happy thoughts and maybe we can get this whole world to fly. And while you're brainstorming, stash some of that fairy dust in your bedside table drawer. And don't ever be afraid to use it.

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