Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Patience Has Never Been My Finest Virtue.

Still waiting for Springtime. She seems uninterested in descending upon New England. And that leaves us Spring-Is-In-Our-Blood types feeling conflicted and off-balance.
Damn all this snow that refuses to melt. Shoo! Away with you!
Be Gone!!
Despite their inherent preciousness, one does not survive on the social interaction of 4-year-olds alone.
This pre-school teacher is in need of warmer weather, venture-int0-the-night weather. Honestly, sometimes a girl just wants to feel like a girl, to exercise her Come-Hither eyes and make sure they work after all that hibernation.
Besides, how am I supposed to dance in the pouring rain if I have to worry about pneumonia?
So come on, Spring. Rear your glorious head and send me some sunshine, some budding blooms, a chance to pack away the winter coat and wear open-toed shoes. Is it so much to ask?
If you don't come soon, I'm going to set out to find you elsewhere...

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  1. First of all, thank you for your lovely words of encouragement - they cheered my heart so much! :) I had no idea that L/M. Montgomery wrote another series - MUST READ!! I'm also glad you feel the same way about warmer climes - I am ALWAYS, unfailingly happier when the sun is out, the weather is warm and I can go out without tights and mittens!! xxx