Saturday, August 7, 2010

Got My Head In The Clouds

Running from the Thunder.
Proud as I can be.
I am waiting for the gray to replace the black in me,
Oh Daddy, will the sun come up again?
Hello Lieblings.
Sometimes, life leaves you a little anxious.
You look behind you and see a multi-colored, sparkling past, fading a little around the edges.
You look from side to side, and you see the present, in an aesthetic rush of now-ness.
And then you look ahead, to where the future lies, and it's all corners and shadows.
It's like being in Limbo.
So you reach up and hold onto the light you have around you.
You whisper dreams into your hands and then you lift them into the wind.
And you wait.
Shouldn't we be making any effort needed to stop our dreams from fading?
photos: Splash by Tata Uskova from 500 px, ladouleur exquise from, dusk polaroid w20 from, street at night image by Quim Dasquens from 500 px, Nightime Butterfly by Mikhail Pochuev, pink sky burds from, Fading by Anouk

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