Wednesday, August 12, 2009

White Whimsy

A random collection of White.  Crispness, patriotism, purity, blank canvas, captured light, heightened shadows; it's a versatile color and evokes a variety of things...the possibilities are endless...

Images: (prepare yourselves...this is gonna be a long one)
LCT-Philadelphia Cherry Blossom Festival, 2009; LCT- Madison, CT Beach, 2009; LCT- Room Photo, 2009; Sails -; Dress -; Gardenias-; LCT- Washington Monument, 2009; WinterWhimsy - Christine Capetta, 2009; Santorini,; LCT-Rosemont College, 2009; Lanterns -; LCT-Sheep at Atlanta Botanical Gardens, 2009; Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema, Expectations; LCT-Henry Moore Sculpture at Atlanta Botanical Gardens, 2009; John Singer Sargent, Fumee d'Ambre Gris ; LCT-Longwood Gardens, 2008.