Monday, June 29, 2009


Life, lately, is a little like a Dale Chihuly.  Wild. Fragile. Hectic. Planned, but unplanned.  Glossy.  A little dirty.  Gorgeous.  And rather confusing. Which is to say: glorious.

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  1. If your route took you farther south, Chesley, you could stop in downtown Oklahoma City and see his tallest--in the atrium of the art museum, I believe. Breathtaking.

    Perhaps someday you will drive from Boulder to Atlanta, and find a way to see a handful of things in OKC: the Chihuly; the life-sized sculpture of the opening of the West (homesteading in OK), the Federal Building bombing memorial, along with weeping Christ as an angel,(I THINK it's Christ. Maybe it's God, but not meant as Jesus. I haven't ever pondered that.) across the street.